Pirate Map Season 1 Information

Dec 17, 2021

Hey everyone, welcome to Minecadia Factions! I hope you all are having a fantastic week and are getting ready for the release of the server this Sunday. In today's post, we will be revealing the Map Information, F-TOP Payouts, Content and a special Giveaway that will be happening on our discord. You could join our discord through the link shown in the Giveaway section. Anyways, let's stop this babble and get you into the most important information, enjoy the read.

Map Information

  • 4 Week Long Map
  • 10k x 10k Overworld
  • 2k x 2k Desert
  • 2k x 2k Nether
  • 7 Day Grace Period
  • 11x11 Chunk Base Size
  • 6 Regen Limit
  • 20 Player Factions
  • 1 Ally & 3 Truces
  • 10 Hour Faction Shields


  • Gold Shop
  • Ahoy Mateys! Welcome to the gold shop, here you can buy various loot and ranks to get ahead on your fellow pirates. A GIF of the Gold Shop will be shown below:

    - /Gold Shop

  • Bosses
  • Argg! Monsters have boarded our ship, slay them before they take all the treasure.

    - /Bosses

  • Armor Sets
  • Traverse these barren lands in search of special armour! These sets imbue you with the powers of legendary pirates. All armor sets are listed below:

    - /Armorsets

  • Pets
  • Ay! Sailing with just your crew gets tiresome, tame these pets to help you in battle against your other pirate foes.

    - /Pets

  • Quest Scrolls
  • Navigate through the open seas and complete these tasks to gain a vast amount of wealth!

    - /Quests

  • Envoys
  • Collect the riches of a lifetime as these falling chests slam to the ground, who knows you could get a special gem that could help you in your quest!

    - N/A

  • Hourly Events
  • Oi! You scallywag, stop daudling around and join in on these events. You can win different prizes which could help you in your quest to become the best Pirate around.

    - /Events

  • Lost Treasure
  • Treasure has been found! Pirates grab your keys and hop on board, we're going to the island of riches where you can win a whole boat load of loot.

    - /Crate open [crate]

  • Faction Shields
  • Faction Shields are an essential part of the server, these shields allow for your faction to have un-raidable claims for 10 hours a day. Do the command below to get started with shields!

    - /F shield


    This giveaway will be done on our discord, there will also be a special giveaway for all boosters on the discord!

  • Captain Rank
  • 2x Gunner Ranks
  • Corsair GKIT
  • 3x 3000 Gold

  • Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/minecadia