Kitmap: Kodai Release Information

Jul 8, 2022

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great day; the grand release of our custom Kitmap is finally upon us! The official release time is tomorrow, Saturday, July 9th, at 3 PM EST. This post will serve to explain every aspect of our custom Kitmap.


General Information

  • 15 Man Teams
  • No truces, no allies.
  • World Border: -2k to 2k
  • Claiming starts at 500.



Upon release, Kitmap will have the following classes: Akuma, Oku, Archer, Bard, Rogue, and Builder.

Each of these classes do have their own respective loadout of Custom Enchants as well as Armor Set effects and abilities:

  • Akuma (Diamond - Sword Class): 6 Lore
  • Oku (Diamond - Axe Class): 6 Lore
  • Archer (Leather): 4 Lore
  • Bard (Gold): 4 Lore
  • Rogue (Chain): 4 Lore
  • Builder (Iron): No custom enchants.

With that being said, God Set building WILL be a major thing for Kitmap. However, these free classes cannot be modified at all - and cannot help directly with building a God Set. You cannot use Black Scrolls (scrolls that take off enchants) on this equipment, and you also cannot add enchants to this equipment to make it into a God Set. To build a God Set, you must acquire your own Enchants & Armor/Armor Set, and build onto it.


Factions Core Differences

Kitmap will have a different Faction setup than Pirate in a few different aspects: 

  • Players will lose their entire personal balance on death.
  • Factions now have a team-based balance; you can deposit to and withdraw from this balance using “/f deposit” and “/f withdraw”. This balance is safe and will not be affected upon death.
  • Faction “Power” has been replaced with “DTR” (Deaths Until Raidable).
  • Factions will have a set amount of DTR based on the amount of players in your faction; more members = more DTR.
  • Players will lose their faction 0.05 DTR upon death; this is a nerfed kitmap rate as opposed to typical HCF, which supports the Kitmap playstyle.
  • Factions will also be placed on “DTR Freeze” when a member dies; while under DTR Freeze, your faction will not regenerate DTR. The default DTR Freeze is 5 minutes long. Once your freeze is over, your faction will regenerate to full DTR after one minute.
  • If your Faction goes negative DTR, then you are considered “Raidable”, and your claim can be accessed or destroyed by all players.
  • There is a brand new /f who format.



Claiming is no longer chunk-based; it is HCF wand claiming. 

  • To claim your base, type “/f claim”, left click the first corner of land you’d like to claim, and then right click the second corner of land you’d like to claim. Once you’ve confirmed that you want to claim this land, crouch and left click in the air. Claims cost money, and will take money from your Faction’s balance.
  • Your faction can have a maximum of one claim, and it cannot be extended.
  • The length or width of your claim cannot go over 75.
  • One side of your claim cannot be 3x longer than the other.
  • Your claim must be over 5x5.
  • Explosions are disabled. No raiding defenses are needed to protect your base.



Kitmap: Kodai has a custom economy driven strictly by PvP. There are three currencies: Money, Tokens, and XP.

  • Money ($) is only spent in /shop and for claiming land for your faction.
  • Tokens are spent in /tokenshop, and /ah.
  • XP is spent in /xpshop.

Tokens will be the main form of currency, as it’s gained through kills and playtime (an anti-boost is in-place). All player-trades will be made with tokens; and server-sided trades, made through the Token Shop, will allow for godset and loadout building (custom enchants, armor sets, pets, masks, crate keys, etc). 

Money is acquired in a few ways: everyone gets a starter balance, a few mob drops can be sold, and tokens can be converted to money through /exchange. No farm drops or blocks can be sold to the shop.

XP is acquired by grinding mob spawners (only Skeleton and Blaze spawners are obtainable).



The competitive aspect of Kitmap is viewed through “/f top” and “/f top value”.

The main F Top competitive leaderboard is only driven through PvP and Events. (These may be modified in the future)

  • 5 Kills = +5 Points
  • 5 Deaths = -8 Points
  • KOTH Capture = +25 Points
  • Holding Outpost/Stronghold for 10 minutes = +5 Points
  • Winning an Automated Event = +15 Points
  • Capturing Citadel = +300 Points

A supplemental leaderboard, the “F Top Value”, is based off of Faction Value; which is increased by placing valuable blocks on your claim, depositing them into a void chest, as well as having spawners in your claim (only Skeleton or Blaze). By holding a top 3 spot of the F Top Value leaderboard, you will be granted benefits.

These are subject to change, and we will be adding more benefits in the near future:

Rank 1 F Top Value: 

  • Lower DTR Regen: 5 Minutes -> 2 Minutes.
  • F-Top Point Multiplier: 1.2x

Rank 2 F Top Value:

  • Lower DTR Regen: 5 Minutes -> 3 Minutes.

Rank 3 F Top Value:

  • Lower DTR Regen: 5 Minutes -> 4 Minutes.

There are also personal leaderboards, accessed with “/leaderboards”. Here you can find Kill Leaderboards, Death Leaderboards, KDR Leaderboards, Bounties Completed Leaderboard, and Highest Killstreak Leaderboard.



The /shop (Money $) has been heavily modified. Within this shop, you can buy building blocks, colored blocks, minerals, redstone items, miscellaneous items, and two types of spawners: Skeleton and Blaze. The only items that can be sold within this shop are Blaze Rods, Bones, and Arrows.


Token Shop

As mentioned earlier, the /tokenshop will be the main source of progression and building God Sets on Kitmap. Tokens can be spent here for consumables (black scrolls, white scrolls, slot crystals, orbs, etc…), miscellaneous items (pet eggs, masks, mystery admin items, mystery star items, mystery armor set, etc…), and crate keys. 


Combat Loggers

If you log out in combat, you will no longer instantly die; instead, a combat logger will take your place until it dies, despawns, or until you log back in.



Killstreaks have been introduced, and the rewards and requirements can be viewed via /killstreaks.


Combat Tags

Combat tags now restrict you from entering safe zones.



Upon logging into Kitmap, you will spawn on a floating island where you can pick your class to PvP with. To return to spawn, you must kite to a safezone that is located in each quadrant at x: 350, z:350 without a combat tag. From here, you can run “/spawn” or jump through the portal to return back. Kitmap also has a custom End and Nether warzone to PvP in.


Warzone Bosses

Randomly spawning warzone bosses have been introduced and can be killed for loot.


Automatic Bounties

Bounties will be automatically placed on players in the warzone. Kill a Bounty and claim extra tokens!



KOTHs will always be hosted; after a KOTH is captured, another one will come up after 20 minutes. You can find various KOTHs scattered around our overworld Warzone, as well as in the End and Nether.


SOTW Timer

Upon release of the realm, there will be a SOTW Timer to allow players to claim and build their base. During this time, PvP will be disabled; however, if you wish to PvP, run “/sotw enable”.


Automated Events

Just like factions, events will be automatically hosted and can be won for rewards.


Future Events

More content and events will be added to Kitmap in the near future. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Gold Shop

Kitmap Gold can be purchased on the store and used in the exclusive Kitmap Gold Shop; here, you can find ranks, gkits, consumables, daily deals, miscellaneous items, and more! Our top rank, “Kami”, can only be found on our store.


That’s all we have for now; if you’d like to see a visual on most of these features, check out this video: here



That’s all we have for now; if you’d like to see a visual on most of these features, check out this video: here


Final Information

Kitmap: Kodai SOTW: Tomorrow, Saturday, July 9th at 3 PM EST.

Factions: Pirate Season 8 SOTW: Friday, July 15th at 5 PM EST.

Server IP: