Minecadia Season 2 Update Log

Jan 13, 2022
Minecadia season 2, The Dungeon Update

greetings everyone! The clock is ticking, and reset is just around the corner. This Season has been one of a kind and I think everyone can agree upon that. Furthermore, let's get started with what will be new this season.

We named this update The Dungeon Update and the behind scenes work for this update is incredible. A special thanks to all the people that have been a part of developing and planning the new Dungeon. This Dungeon will release a few days into Pirate Season 2.

Preview of Isla de Muerta: Click Here

As for our current Shillings Cave Dungeon, the changes that have been done are below:

  • Nerfed Colossal Namekian (Mainly the health of the boss and its damage)
  • Disabled star items in the Dungeon.
  • Added Dungeonjanitor
  • Buffed Dungeon Loot-bag

  • Moving on, introducing Cadia Roll.

    A new feature for those who like to try their luck. This is a Slot Casino, where you will need at least a minimum of 1 Cadia RollTicket to be able to play. To get started you will need to run the command /roll, this will put you into a menu that shows you all of the information you will need to know. The picture below shows you how to use your Tickets.

    How does it work?

    Roll Tickets can be purchased from our store. To preview how it rolls, Click Here.

    Introducing KRAKEN rank.

    The long-awaited rank is finally here. This rank is one of a kind, and can only be purchased with our Gold Currency system. You will not be able to purchase this as a Gem, this is to ensure its rarity.

    /gold shop

    What does the new rank come with?

  • 20 Player Vaults
  • No Teleport timer (instant tp’s)
  • No coinflip/item flip cooldown
  • No coinflip tax
  • 15% Reduced Pet Cooldown
  • 25% Reduced soul gem usage
  • VIP access to Black market (Don’t need a key to join)
  • Access to all /color
  • +5% Rune Success Rate
  • 2x More EXP
  • Access to /xpshop, /blender, /tinkerer, /blender /questscrolls, /armorspecialist
  • #1 Queue priority
  • No chat cooldown
  • Kraken Tag (&f&k!&a&lKRAKEN&f&k!)
  • Kraken Event Skin
  • Access to Kraken GKIT (To preview this GKIT, do the command /gkit and right-click it. Cooldown shards will not work on this GKIT.)

  • Smaller updates/changelog:
  • New Dexter mask (Implants enchantment ability & gives reduced incoming damage depending on wearers XP level)
  • Chicken pet rework (Level 1 → 50 - Speed 2 Level 51 → 99 Speed 3 Level 100 - Speed 4)
  • Changed KOTH armor set effect
  • Changed /f upgrade for Faction members (MAX: 35)
  • Added P2W tag
  • New partner item (Ice ball, trap players inside ice)
  • Brand new armor set (Leviathan)
  • Fixed dungeon top
  • Fixed NPCs bugging out
  • Fixed mechanics with bosses
  • Fixed f shield issues
  • Fixed mechanics with challenges
  • Fixed issues with absorption hearts
  • Fixed mechanics with /dp
  • Added cooldown message to chat for /heal /eat
  • Halvar

    Along with Triviaz